I Have Eliminated All The…Posts…

Okay, so it’s 11:00 now as I’m starting to write this. Actually, it’s 23:00 – why do I still have my iPod set for military time?


Random ponderings aside, I have been purging all of the posts by other authors and some by me (hence the post title – if you’re offended, please keep it to yourself. The only people I discriminate against are those that Tyep LiiK Dis cUz 1ts s0 c00l!!!1!!!1!!11!ONE) These posts are either about school, which doesn’t belong here; other people’s ramblings, which don’t belong amid all of my ramblings; and my posts, which wer typed like this cuz i wuz 2 lazy 2 type back then.

I still haven’t finished, but I’m getting pretty close. Also, as you may have noticed, I’ve worked out several kinks in the new blog layout and have redone the sidebars. I’ve also deleted some of my pages because they were pointless and/or typd up lik this.

I’ve been working on some new content, but that won’t be up for a while. Silly schoolwork.

Thanks for reading the longest post I’ve had yet that served no purpose whatsoever.



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